About Vishorn
Corporate Culture

    In 1996, Vishorn Electroacoustic Laboratory was established in Wisconsin, US under the leadership of Mr. Herman Ho, this laboratory hammered at the research and development of studio audio equipments. The same year, they established Vishorn Audio Equipment (US) Corp. Ltd. and ran all out to promote the professional audio equipments with the brand "VISHORN".

    In the respect of the manufacturing crafts, Vishorn not only stresses on the creativity and compatibility of the products, but also pays special attention to import humanity vision to the brand. When provides pure high-end audio products to the consumers, Vishorn also exploits the fashion design for the products to accommodate with the modern home decoration, that makes it a pioneer of the audio design direction. In 1999, in order to reach a wider scale of resources re-conformation on the R&D and marketing, Vishorn set up a modern manufacturing base of 35,000 square meters in Guangzhou, China, hence it got the strength to provide first-class audio products to the consumers worldwide. In April 2002, Vishorn removed its headquarter from Wisconsin to San Francisco. Along with the march of China's affiliating to the WTO, Vishorn Began its global strategy of manufacture and marketing.

    The design factors in Vishorn, are based on the purpose of syncretizing the excellent music culture and the philosophy worldwide, while the appearance absorbs the seriousness and elegance from Europe as well as the simpleness and sharpness from America. All products of Vishorn, from R&D, management and techniques control to the cost concept, are all strictly implemented according to the requirements of the international quality management system of ISO9001 and environmental protection system of ISO 14000, this assures the quality and competitive strength of Vishorn audio products.

    Relies on the 6 years of electroacoustic design experience, Vishorn launches the exclusively developed double-driver audio system, that is to construct an independent subwoofer inside the main cabinet of high sensitive speakers, combined with the standard AC-3/DTS/THX central and surround system, a diverse surround sound is obtained, the sound here is natural and mellow, without any exaggeration or distortion, sufficient to express the deep connotation of classical music of any periods. Further, consumers can easily arrange the audio set to re-decorate the house and gain a brand new feeling of visual beauty, acoustic beauty and comfort beauty, here you can experience the special charming of the plural AV era, all visual & audio requirements of home theatre are totally satisfied. For the aspect of electronics, Vishorn always keep the leading position in the market of the digital application with its independently developed AV control centre of 8 sound channels, 5 decoding modes, double driver, bilingual display and the professional Karaoke effect. To Vishorn, the procurement of first class brand reputation, is totally rooted from the products' technique and materials, the high quality of the processing and designing, excellent appearance...

    The series products of Vishorn audio mainly includes: professional studio speakers, professional studio amplifiers, DVD and VCD players, Hi Fi speakers and amplifiers, AV home theatre system, Car audio, etc. Relies on the solid R&D strength and consummate management, the presentation of Vishorn products wins not only the appreciation of the consumers, but also sincere cooperation from OEM and ODM partners.

    At present, Vishorn owns 4 R&D departments with a staff of more than 20 persons, 35,000 square meters production building, several auto production lines and around 600 employees. And the annual production strength reaches 2 million loudhailers, 300 thousand speakers and 500 thousand amplifiers. Quality is prior to all in Vishorn's global strategic plan, it wan the ISO9002 certificate in 1999. At the same time to satisfy self-brand production, Vishorn also does OEM and ODM business with some famous audio brands/enterprises, that promotes it to be one of the first class audio manufacturers.

    Spreading abroad the advanced culture, exploiting the creativity space. Vishorn people always regard the music as the visible ideal and touchable culture of human beings, and to produce high quality audio equipments for consumer public to enjoy the worldwide classical art, is Vishorn's expressing manner of dedicating to the human beings as well as the method of challenging the summit. All these endue Vishorn an infrequent qualification of pure beauty, along with the changes of space and time, what will finally fixed in your eyes would be the elegant and imposing audio brand - Vishorn!